Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Start of a Journal......

I have done journal pages before but seemed to get stuck, so decided to join Neil Walker's class at the Craft Barn on Sunday to see how a professional does it.  Had a great time with my friend Karin and finished with some pretty good results.  Green page was the first, randomly placing Distress stains together and merging with tissue adding water.  2nd again with DS but with the added stencilling as well.
Last 3 are the finished products with birds , flags and rods supplied by Neil.  Really enjoyable.


  1. I've been called a few things in my life, but professional? Glad you enjoyed yourself though!

  2. I love how the green page looks. Must have been a great class. The doodly birds are very cool. Are you doing the other classes?

    1. Yes I;m going to do all 4 of Neils classes, have got 2 & 3 booked already,

  3. Your pages look wonderful, creat colors and images. Lucky you, the classes must be wonderful :)
    The nutcracker image is from Creavil, just one of the new steampunk Christmas images.