Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WOYWW #199-Mess & Ruin

 Hi, for details of WOYWW please pop over to the lovely Julia's for all the details.
Well this is my messy desk this morning after finally finishing my Book of Ruination, an on line course I have been doing with Andy Skinner, expert of all things paint etc.  The finshed book is resting on my Andy Bible of techniques, the little purple looking square is a test piece.     After using paint , Matt medium, masking fluid, embossing and lots more , the following pics are the result.
 The cover is very tactile, I love it it.
 I added a title to mine.
The whole thing.  Hope you like have a good day.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WOYWW #198-Gelli on a Plate

Woyww #198.. go here for details at Julia's
 Well not real Jelly, but the Gelli plate.   I don't have anything on my desk at the mo, as I have just recovered from all the stress etc from last week.   ~So I thought I would show you my first efforts with the Jelli plate via a class I did with Andy Skinner on Sunday at the Craft Barn.  It was a fab class and not too stressy as we were only playing to get used to the plate in the morning.  The Blue.Green is my 1st effort, using fibres, embossing plates masks etc to create the effect.  2nd different colours.
 3rd is just laying fibres randomly and it seems to have come out like a skull!  Well I think so.  The top one is putting white on the reminder of colour on the plate and it pulls the rest of the blue with it...
 These two are the ghost impressions, ie the bits of paint left over after 1st impressions.
 Same here......
 This is using the impression made and adding, using white and black for contrast.  The main background is using only 3 colours.
Last but not least , this is done on acetate and reverse impression.  a technique I found difficult to understand when Andy was explaining, I think I was having a blond moment(apologises to all the blonds out there).  But I finally got it.  Have a good day all....

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WOYWW #197-I'm Back!

I'm back after 2 weeks away in not so sunny Portugal.  Unfortunately for the 1st time in 20 yrs of going to Portugal we did not have such a good time.  It started badly by being delayed in Gatwick for 3 hrs, 2 hrs of which we were stuck on the plane.  Day after we arrived in Portugal, hubby and i stuck down with the Norovirus.  Not fun.  Took a week to get over.  Weather this year showers and sunshine but a cold wind plus hugh storm last Monday.  This Monday, again delayed in Portugal for 3 hours, got to Gatwick at midnight, out of airport at 1.00am and picked up and got caught up in the chaos of the M23....a journey that would normally take up 1hr 15mins took 4 hours, as we managed to by pass the M23, however roads very very scary.  Enough of that, safe now, home again.  So 1st pic a a fed up seagull on our balcony in Portugal.... close up these birds are beautiful!

 On my desk a page I'm still working on from Neal Walker's 3rd art journaling class.  This is the top...
This is the underneath....Sorry for lack of inspiration this week ... To find out what I'm babbling about go over to the lovely Julia's blog for the T & C's.  Have a good day everyone.