Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WOYWW273- 3rd time lucky.....

 Good morning everyone, I'm back for the 3rd time in a row so I'm feeling lucky.  This is my desk as of 5 mins ago, a couple of cards I'm doing for a class I'm, taking this afternoon.  Its all about lattice, how to make a lattice card using card strips etc.  I just need to finish the grungy one.....

As promised last week , this is my block using the Drunkards Path.  this is a variation called Twisted Path.  the bloke shows you how to make curved squares, not one of my favourites.  I applaud the ladies who make a whole quilt with these blocks
As I will be away for the September block this is my Ohio Star.....For all the T & C and how to join the great blog hop get yourself over to the lovely Julia's.
Have a good day &/or week......

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WOYWW #272- Week 2..hurrah

I must be on a roll, happily I'm posting for a 2nd week @ the lovely Julia's, where you will find all the t & C's.

Well this is my desk this morning, still very untidy , it doesn't get better with age.  I found that my wet wipes had dried up' so instead of binning them , thought I would spray them!  then I will have to decide what to do with them.
I have also been continued with my quilting.  a lovely lady called Pat at my quilting group is showing me and several other a block a month.  This is my effort for July a Dresden plate, with abit of my machine embroidery in the middle.  this month it is the Drunkards Path.  will show when done.

PS Mum in good health after her cruise.....Good day all.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WOYWW 271- Hope stay abit longer this time

 Hello, stranger back again, hopefully for abit longer this time.  I haven't participated in the lovely Julia's Blog hop for 4 months.  The news is good for those who are in the know.  Mum has been in remission for 4 1/2 months, currently on the high seas with my Dad in Norway.

So that said, I have managed to do a little work not on my desk, cos you cannot see it but the finished article.  A small chest, made to look like cast iron using one of Andy Skinner's techniques with paint.

 I made a small photo frame, using the lid from the film strip by Tim Holtz, painted as well to look like cast iron.  Also other bits and pieces from Tim.  Added the dreaded micro beads which I found in the back of the cupboard.  To highlight some treasure gold, which made it pretty and me somewhat high from the fumes
(only joking).
Other side of lid.   I made this offering as part of a team competition, and we came 2nd.  I don't think they are ready for my kind of craft......
 Now for something completely different, whilst looking after Mum , I took up Patchwork and Quilting, as easy to drop if need be.   This is a fabric quilting Advent panel which I finishing quilting yesterday.  Panel is from my friends Tanya's website.  I'm going to embellish it abit more.
This is a quilt top I have done, using a jelly roll plus the sashing.  Lots of stitching together and cutting up and stitching together again.  Great fun.....

Wishing you all and great week and happy blog hopping.....