Saturday, 26 October 2013

Practise Time.....

for Free Motion Machinery.  For those of you who know, Mum still in hospital.  So yesterday managed to grab a couple of hours to practise my free motion machinery, I decided to make a couple of covers for my Pinking shears( they cut little zig zags to stop material fraying) and my ordinary material scirrors.

I used 2 cotton napkins for the back, thick iron on vilene for the centre and the top pieces are curtain remnants, plus my machinery.  Wishing everyone a lovely Saturday before the storms hit us.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tim's Tag for October2013

To make sure I don't fall behind, managed to grab a bit of time to do my take on Tim's Tag for October.  I have chosen themes to invoke spiders web and spider, owl on dark branch and of course a grisly skull with sparkly eyes and blood dripping.

To find out details get yourself over to Tims blog and have a go.

WOYWW #229- Quick flitt in....

For details re WOYWW please go over to the lovely Julia'sand join the world's greatest blog hop.

This is my desk this morning, not much going on, just the project I taught last Wednesday, it is based on somethhing I did a long time ago with Linda Elbourne.   Anyway the ladies had a good time, and I had a couple of hours to myself.

I would like to thank all of you for your lovely comments and good wishes for my Mother two weeks ago. Soon after Mum was taken into hospital and as it turned out not because of the Chemo or Cancer, but a pill against gout.  She had a very servere allegic reaction.  She is still in hospital trying to get better.  So I'm, up and down to see Mum and looking after my Dad too.  No more self pity, wishing you all a good week.

Friday, 11 October 2013

CC102- Day 5 -Embossing

Hello Happy C Cers, Day 5 last of the techniques, embossing etc.  I was late off the mark today, have been sitting my Food Hygiene Certificate today.  Less said the better.

So here are my tags, would be 6 but found I didn't have any chalk, so will catch up.
Close up on my gilding.

And this is the Shabby big Tag with extra gilding as well.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

CC102- Day 4 Alcohol Inks

 Day 4 of CC102 and its Alcohol Inks, my favourite.  Top 2 are faux Patina and Ombre
 these 3 different versions of mono printing again I really like this one.
These 2 , other Mono and a not so good faded stencil.

cc102- catch up day 1 & 3

Hello fellow CCer's on the morning of Day 4, waiting for the next lot of techniques.

These are my catch up items;
Far left the eroded metal, my good pal Karin gave me a pot of the Metallic paint which I did not have so I could finish Day 1 techs.

Next 3 are the rest of Day3, Faux cracked glass, Rock Candy Glitter and ordinary Glitter.  The backgrounds are extras I did of Braying, mono printing etc.

this is a close up of the cracked glass, I used the plastic packaging, die cut into tag shape, worked pretty well.  See you later on.......

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102- Day 3

Its day 3, Half way there!  These are the first 3 tags, I know there are five, but for those in the know , you will know what I have done.  Number 4 is drying, hope to finish the rest later, I don't think I will be sleeping tonight. LOL

WOYWW #227 - I'm here again.....

  Firstly welcome to my new followers, and thank you for thinking i'm worth following.

Second, you might have noticed my absense of late, and lack of posting.  Well, life decided to drop a bombshell, my beautiful 83 year old Mother was diagnosed with CLL(Chronic Lymphcystic Leukeamia)  She is having treatment and so far all fine, but today not such a good day.   I don't write this for sympathy but I need to get it out....

That said this is my desk as of last night, managing to finish all the tags for Tim's chemistry 102, day 2.  Its the most craftying I have done recently ad a good outlet.  To find out what WOYWW is hop over to the lovely Julia's for the details.  Wishing you all a good day.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chemistry 102-Day 2 and Catch up

 This is my catch up tag from day 1
Success I managed to do all the tags today.....still enjoying it.

Fun with ATCs #98 At least 3 stamps

It time again for a new challenge over at Fun with ATC's, this time it use at least 3 stamps.  for my de4sign piece I only used three, but also decided to stick to 3 colours as well.  I started with 3 Dylusions colours the Yellow , Blue and Green, so all in threes inc the embellishments.  So please join us with your creations

Monday, 7 October 2013

Chemistry 102 and the madness starts again

It has started Chemistry 102 with Tim and the pressure is already on.  Six technique today, I have managed 4 , picture is of 3 as number 4 is still drying.  One not yet begun and one unable.  But I'm having a good time.,,,,,,,