Monday, 9 July 2012

Specimen Frame

Specimen frame with Moses
Specimen Frame

Frame in the sunshine
 Here's my effort following a great class with Neil Walker on Sunday at the Craft Barn.  Thought it would be nice to photo in location in my garden ,seeing it has been nice a sunny all day today.

We learned lots of techniques using paint, vaseline as a resist, embossing etc.
, plus managed to actually finish the project in time, well nearly I have added a few more petals to my flowers  at home.


  1. Das ist absolut großartig! Love it ... und ich liebe diesen Steampunk-Affen :-) He's on top of my wish list - among others :-)) Great colors for this project.
    And I feel very honoured that you have me on your bloglist.
    Suzanne x

  2. Please put your desk up so we can come visit, but I love the rest of your stuff anyway
    Bridget #6