Friday, 6 July 2012

Back again!

Hi there, been missing for abit, but lots done!.   Here are a couple of examples of techniques I saw at the  Craft Barn Extr. last weekend.  The first is a card I have done for a friend using the Glue & seal as shown by the lovely Lindsay Mason.  The 2nd ( wrong way round picture not sure how to correct )is a tag using oil crayons as demoed by Helen Clinton.  

This is a canvas I did on a play day with my best mate Karin, for a small canvas it took for ever to get it right.  Using so many layers of paint and texture paste and more paint and tissue paper, and more paint and stamping and more paint, and spraying and more paint etc etc.  Few do dads, and presto finished.  Wishing you a good weekend and lots of crafting.


  1. lovely stuff, I love the butter fly's the glue n seal is a great technique,Lindsay made it look so easy. the demos were awesome.It was my first extravaganza, picked up several ideas. really like the colours in the tag. I think you need to have the photo the right way round before you upload it, I have not found a way to rotate them whilst in blogger.

  2. We had a fun day out didn't we and picked up a few tips too. Great that you've had a chance to practise some of those techniques.